joi, 23 septembrie 2010

Exposed In London (I)

The persona we all build for the camera is just a better version of us, really. It looks nicer, maybe the nose is smaller, or the figure less plumped. If a shot must be taken, then we would like to use some tricks for it: fake a little more confidence, do a face that proves happiness, or pretend hiding a special gift on the inside. Or maybe you just want to seem more fuckable, right?

We dress up for the camera, so when a hipster comes along and stills a candid shot - well there's just too much naughtiness about that! Somebody needs to wash with the good ol'soap that filthy camera. Because it makes us feel naked, as if our real nature might come out and....

And what? What is so wrong with us that we want to hide? I am totally lost. Because, if you take a step back, let me tell you: we are so beautiful.


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