duminică, 13 februarie 2011

Someone like you

I'm one year ahead and everybody else is delusional. No, not really, but you do know what I mean? The truth is everybody is ahead of everything, we are out there in the future and we do not realize it. We are grown ups and the grass is green. Only we don’t feel it. Only we don’t see it. I am still running from a father figure, you are looking for yours. We keep the wheel of time rolling, we divide the path in small pieces. That’s how we learn to walk, we need to focus on next step, never mind the path. We are grown ups just because the road is long.

Here. The expectation of some accomplishment and the feeling that you are on your way to something. Of the necessity for some sense in what you do. And the desperation of passing years and of those to come, being caught up in the middle between what went away and what is to come, between memories and plans for the future. Not enough time to allow yourself to live without a certain purpose, yet convinced best moments arrive by themselves, or was this just a feeble illusion you had as a teenager? And then, this feeling of not knowing exactly what to feel, the urgency for something good, yet being unsure whether good can be defined in a manner that allows comprehension. Life cannot be a game anymore, you need togetherness, you need yourself or better yet, someone like you.

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