vineri, 25 martie 2011

Big Love

Warning to the weak hearts: There is going to be much love in this post.

Love with a karma twist sounds like this: love to be loved. And it is nothing but the truth if I am to think about it. My truth, at any case. But the question at hand is: do we love to be loved or just for love itself? I warned you, I'm all love today and it is lovely of me to be so.

Love is a lovely thing to feel, right? All the butterflies at the right places, the tickles, the numbness in the back of your head. And it is not just the feeling: love solves so many things. You don't know what to do? Well, you could just sit there and love. You are bored? Stay on your feet by the window and through love outside the window to the passer-byes. You don't have a profession? Well, of course, you are a lover and that's the most important thing in the world. You get my drift: life is so much easier when you love. Love is the only self-sufficient notion.

But we dare more than that. We want to be loved. And here is the worst part: if we want to receive more, there is no one left on the other side to offer it. That would be the economics of love, the debits and the credits. Because I look around and frankly I have to admit we are in some sort of a crisis. No I'm not talking about money, but about love. The market is declining. We want to be loved and we are prepared to fight for it. We will look good, we will be smart, we will engage in conversation, we will make an attempt at temptation and we will tell silly jokes. We will be perfect for love. We entertain with the impossible: we want others to love us more than we love ourselves. And we are never convinced.

Back to love for its own sake, this is much simpler. If two people are both looking to love, they could meet and it could be perfect match: they can love each other all day long. Come rain or come shine, they've both got what they wanted, really: they're just fine, they are loving. Now, take the other approach: two people are looking to be loved. And they meet. They look. They both ask, no one answers. And you have the phone ringing endlessly in the red phone both of love. The piercing sound of the absence. No one picks up, they are not prepared to concede, they don't trust they will be returned. They have looked for love in all the wrong places.

I'm telling you: love should not be reflexive. Love is love when you love.  We need to love strongly and clearly, we need to affirm it with loud voice, we need to sing about it. Our love needs to be big. Love defeats mathematics: a wholesome of little snippets of love will never add up to replace one big love.

The browser says I wrote love 40 times in this post. And I'm not stopping here, love.


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