marți, 28 iunie 2011

Roisin Murphy: A perfect moment is a perfect kiss

One of the things we tend to lose as we grow up is the patience of finding pleasure in small things. Even small things that are as big as a kiss. I mean, what is nicer than a kiss, really? To me it still makes the day. Looking back, I remember them the most. Not individually, I would go berserk and then my head would explode. But, you know, that feeling. It's like a little world is born around your head. It is the moment time slows down the most, you feel you live in the present, escaping all memories.

I am the kissing type. It is perhaps gay of me that I kiss all my friends, women and men. Come to think about it, why not? I don't think we have that many ways and opportunities to tell those we care about that it is so.

So as to keep myself from telling people one too many times that I love them , I claim to have at least the right to kiss them.

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