duminică, 8 ianuarie 2012


I can have several dreams at the same time. I took some multitasking classes and I am that good. Each night, I may have up to five dreams, not in sequence, but rather intertwined. I never remember them in the morning, when I get out of bed. It is just the feeling of having dreamt five different dreams, five little bumps in the mattress.

Love comes to mind after dreams and it just happens that I can love a number of people at the same time. I guess I am trying to replace lost dreams with real people. Many times, I manage. Sometimes I love them against each other, and sometimes I love them against myself. But it is still called love.

I can multitask during sex. This may or may not have to do with the number of people involved. When I was younger, I used to challenge myself. I guess I wanted to be an expert. Plus, us humans, we are made up of so many body parts, it seemed like a waste not to multitask. The thing with being an expert at something - at anything - is that it makes you older. Trying to stay young, I lately gave up on this type of multitasking.

Counterproductive, I know. Nobody wants to read three little stories at the same time. As it is, cutting up the living with a dotted line is a strenuous undertaking - finding the relevant ending points in the chain of cause & effect is as arbitrary as any reproduction of life.

I had been looking for a way to cry out for months and then it happened, quite unexpectedly. This adorable guy reading Howl and what it made me feel like? Howl, indeed. Then came the irony with its smile, then the relief with its laughter. Multifaceted feelings create disturbing masks in the mirror.


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