duminică, 13 mai 2012

Conceptual art defined by examples

The Physical Impossibility of Living in the Mind of Someone Dead

Dame Maggie Smith, as Violet Crawley, the Dowager Countess of Grantham, showing off Angelina Jolie's exquisite white leg.

Jonathan Safran Foer's next literary installment, in the form of a mighty oak cut down to the level of an uncomplicated bush.

A fish dreaming of a bird who is actually a mammal with no tits, waking up to drink his morning chai and resolve who is who.

Two skinny guys born in Chantilly, Virginia, gulping down impressive amounts of Chantilly cream from exquisite cups made of Chantilly porcelain, on the balcony of Château de Chantilly, France.

An old lady dressed up as a young hipster - red skirt, big glasses, huge mop of white hair, high collared yellow shirt - holding up a fishbowl of chicken soup on a baby blue background.

Canned bean, expired.

Michael Jackson and Eminem, discussing skin colour and music over a caffé latte at the next World Economic Forum, in Davos.

On a bright morning, later this summer, passers-by stopping on an empty street, surprised nothing happened.

A urinal looking exactly like the musical fountain in Downtown Dubai, after a quiet day in LaGuardia Airport.

A group of friends caught up in a Ponzi-like love affair, always looking for new members to lighten up the sex chat.

Coins in different sizes: for the poor, for middle-class and for rich people.

A tower of regret built with religious fervor in the valley of sin, just to see if there is such a thing as the end of the world.


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