sâmbătă, 30 iunie 2012

The happy-mummy

Just now, I found a bucket of ice-cream in my freezer. I must've bought it today, though I have no such recollection. What I do remember is this: yesterday evening, when The Munchies paid their regular visit, the innards of my fridge looked empty and desolate. All in all, I'm pretty positive: once again I slept into unconsciousness and did things I'm not proud of. I'm on a diet.

There are many diets out there, but not all are good and healthy. I tried them all: the all-greens diet, the chicken-legs diet, the dust diet, the intermittent diet, the sushi gazpacho diet, the lobster mold with a sauce of carrots and port diet, the no-frills and no-strings-attached diet, the no-eating diet. They all work because in my free time I recluse in my yoga positions.

Here is some food for thought: we actually don't need food. Eating is really for nothing, if not for the taste, basically a sensual impulse. Much like sex, that's right. God, the Puppeteer, controls us by making us feel hungry or horny. If I could just stop for a moment, think of what's best for my soul and resist these urges. Then, delivered from sin, I could finally be a happy-mummy.


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