vineri, 13 decembrie 2013

Live in the moment

The Karma teacher today taught us how to live in the moment. We started with a few breathing techniques and the bozo crew in the back of the classroom went ventilating so I imagined they chocked to death and thought, I could get on board with this, why not? The teacher started to laugh and said, Hey, that bitch of a karma is really selective.

Then we meditated to kill the buzz and got hungry, so we ate the greenies, we drank the orange, and then started again. We had to stand still but some of us moved their tiny feet. To my surprise, this error didn’t hinder the performance, on the contrary it was dearly accepted.  

We specifically avoided autopilot and anxiety, breathed some more, we lost track of time for a whole hour, all the while focusing on the present and dimming the light of the future. When the bell rang we were all feeling mildly ecstatic.

Then we had Physics and we talked about all kinds of powers and forces. That took the edge off somehow. Next recess we wondered briefly about why’s multiples. 


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